It’s hard to believe it- here I am, 11:42 p.m., nearly 15 minutes away from the start of my 21st birthday, fingers posed over the keyboard, ready to start blasting away at this blog with every idea that’s streaming across my mind- but wait. Not only does this sound slightly silly (waiting “anxiously” for my birthday like a little girl), but I realize I have never quite done this before. Write a blog, I mean. It almost seems easy- and I have so many ideas, ready to be typed out and edited as thoroughly as I wash my laundry on an almost daily basis. But, I can’t just start throwing out ideas/thoughts/advice here. You don’t know me, and I don’t know you. I gotta break this ground first.

So let’s make this quick introduction; My name’s Olivia Becker, and I am a Christian wife. A slightly new, wife. Actually I’m 9 months into this marriage thing, to be precise. But I like it. It has it’s benefits. Like me not having to work- I ain’t gonna complain about cleaning laundry, as long as I don’t have to go out into public and deal with actual human beings. Oh, that’s another thing about me- I have a bit of a social problem. Social anxiety, if you will. Quite frankly, it can be alittle crippling at times. Talking to people, especially on the phone, gets me queasy and sweaty and all around wigged out. Yes, I used the word wigged. Don’t judge. But, I have done a fairly good job for most of my life making sure people don’t really know about my anxiety- until recently not even my own family knew how much I truly struggle. But, I have learned to accept that my “problem” is not really a problem- it’s more of a setback, honestly. But that can all be saved for another time.

Now- a brief explanation on why I am writing this blog, why I even created my own blog. I didn’t do this for myself, except to help express who I am. I did this for the passion of helping people. I’d like to share my experiences as a new wife, and what it is like to try and live holy and modestly as a Christian woman and possible mother in modern day America. Not only that, but I would like to be able to offer my own experiences and advice gained from the point of view from someone who suffers from anxiety on a daily basis. Basically, I like to think that my word’s might help someone out somewhere along the path of life. 🙂

On top of those things I briefly mentioned about myself, I do also love to write. Obviously. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be taking my good time writing this… when I could be enjoying a few zzz’s I missed out on this morning. I also love baking. A whole lot. As well as photography. Oh, and music. These are just the little things though. As time goes on, and I articulate my thoughts alittle more (and alittle faster), hopefully we will all learn alittle bit more about me and who I really am. But for now, we will leave this as is

Ah, look at the time…. looks like I am officially a legal adult. Time to go enjoy that delicious sleep I’ve been waiting for! Au revoir, until next time..! 😉